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A event of the International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR 2015)
28th September 2015, Frankfurt, Germany

What’s new

Deadline for paper submission extended to the 11th of July 2015.
See details in the dates section.

Goals of the Computer Cooking Contest

Once upon a time, we wondered whether some software system could help us to make a yummy meal from the contents of our fridge. Given a restricted set of ingredients, the task is to cook something “that tastes good”. More recently, we wondered whether a system could help us to explain our research interests to a broader audience. Given the technological state-of-the-art, the task is to create a problem-solving system. Glue the two together and you get: The Computer Cooking Contest!

The Computer Cooking Contest aims at attract people working with AI technologies such as case-based reasoning, semantic technologies, search, and information extraction. Also, cooking is fun, particularly when using a computer to design the menu. And the contest will attract public interest. Since everybody knows something about cooking, people will be curious about how well a computer can cook. Finally, we have all noticed the public's increasing interest in cooking, motivated by the growing awareness that good food is mandatory for good health. Hence, the Computer Cooking Contest provides an opportunity for you to explain the benefits of your technologies to everyone.

Enter the contest!

Open to any participant

The Computer Cooking Contest is an open competition. All individuals (e.g., students, professionals), research groups, and others are invited to submit software that creates recipes. The only input will be a database of basic recipes from which appropriate recipes must be selected, modified, or even combined. The queries to the system will include the desired and undesired ingredients. For most of the queries there is no single correct or best answer. That is, many different solutions are possible, depending on the creativity of your software.

No restriction on technologies

We impose no restriction on the technology that may be used; all are welcome. The only restriction is that the given database of recipes must be used as a starting point and to use the query language defined in the rules section.

Contest Organization and Evaluation Criteria

  • Evaluations will be distinct for each challenge.
  • A technical paper explaining how the challenges have been addressed must be submitted for the the 21th of June 2015 (see dates section, for details about the publishing process).
  • Detailed evaluation procedures for each challenge are available in the rules section.
  • At least one person per finalist must register to attend the ICCBR and demonstrate the system during a technical presentation at the CCC workshop. The technical descriptions of the finalist systems will be published in the ICCBR workshop proceedings.