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A event of the International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR 2015)
28th September 2015, Frankfurt, Germany

Cocktail challenge on making real cocktails

In this challenge, the system should be able to suggest a tasty cocktail recipe that matches a user query including a set of desired ingredients from a limited set of available ingredients and avoiding unwanted ones (not necessarily from the limited set of ingredients). In addition, the system should adapt the ingredient quantities. Without information on the ingredient quantities, the original quantities will be used to prepare the cocktail in real.

Evaluation criteria: scientific quality, culinary quality

Assessment procedure: paper evaluation and comparison of the results of the systems on a same set of queries by the jury (cocktail jury prize) and public vote after tasting in real the recipes of all the system on a same query chosen by the jury (cocktail public prize).

Material provided by the organizers (see resources section):

Call of paper: see rules page.